Storm Damage Assessment

Even the most durable roofs can be damaged by strong wind or hail. After a storm, give your customers a damage assessment quickly and accurately with the help of our storm damage checklist.

  • Do not attempt to execute the storm checklist outdoors until dangerous weather has left the area.
  • Immediately ensure that the homeowner’s personal belongings are protected from leaking water inside the home. Move appliances, furniture and other important items that may get damaged.
  • Walk around the exterior of the home to check for roofing damage and sources of any leaks. Note any:
    • Torn, curled or missing shingles (also check property for shingles that may have blown off)
    • Dented vents (dents may indicate hail damage)
    • Dented gutters and downspouts (dents may indicate hail damage)
  • Walk around the interior of the home to check for leaks or other damage indicators. Note any:
    • Water staining (look around light fixtures, in corners and around chimneys)
    • Wet insulation or other water seepage in the attic
    • Cracked or broken skylights
  • Assist homeowner in obtaining a tarp from Lowe’s® to protect home from water damage (if needed).
  • Offer to perform any emergency repairs that will hold the homeowner over until a full repair can be made.
  • Confirm that the homeowner has contacted their insurance company.
  • Supply homeowner with a list of storm damages for their reference when talking with their insurance company.