Owens Corning® Roofing Components Products

The right components give every roofing job a strong level of support — and give your customers confidence in their investment. Owens Corning® Roofing Component products include an array of ventilation, water barrier and other roofing supplies that help ensure a long life for each roof you install. And Lowe’s makes it easy to get them all in one place.

Roofing Components Hip & Ridge Shingles

Hip and Ridge Shingles add an attractive, finished look to a roof’s peaks and help protect the ridge vent.

Roofing Components Ventilation

Ventilation products prevent excessive heat and moisture from accumulating and leading to premature roof failure.

Roofing Components Ice & Water Barriers

Barrier products work below the surface to help guard vulnerable areas where water and ice dams can do the most damage.

Roofing Components Starter Shingles

Starter Shingle Products are the first step in the proper installation of shingles. They provide a clean look with a straight edge.

Roofing Components Underlayment

Underlayment adds an extra layer of protection to help prevent damage from wind-driven rain.