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Your customers are making a beautiful decision. Shopping for new shingles is the perfect opportunity to increase the curb appeal of their entire home. A home’s roof can make up more than half of it’s exterior, it should complement the home’s overall style and exterior color scheme.

Choosing the Right Roof for Your Home

Choosing the Right Roof for Their Home

An abundance of choices is thrilling–and sometimes overwhelming. Owens Corning and Lowe’s have created these tips to help you relate to your customer’s concerns.

Design a roof they’ll love

As your customer browses their shingle choices, encourage them to think about how the look of their new roof could improve upon the roof they have now.

  • Should they choose a different color? Have them consider the look of their home’s exterior. A new shingle color could bring a particular look together. Or even inspire a new palette.
  • Have they ever seen the granules? Owens Corning® shingles get their rich color from a combination of colored granules. Using the colors of these granules, you can coordinate all of a home’s exterior elements—the paint, siding, brick or stone. TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Colors Collection can make an impact on a home’s aesthetics and perceived value.
  • Could their home benefit from more dimension? If your customer’s home’s exterior is monochromatic, think about adding shingles that appear thicker and give a roof a rich, textured look. For homes that already have a detailed exterior, homeowners could choose softer, more muted shingles. Owens Corning Roofing offers a variety of roofing shingles that carry a unique combination of these characteristics.
  • To see how different shingles can affect the look of any home, experiment with our Digital Roof Designer.

Style speaks volumes.

Shingle color isn’t the only factor that affects the look of your customer’s house. The shingle style they choose also impacts curb appeal.

If they prefer a more consistent, smooth look to their roof, Supreme® three-tab shingles are your best bet. Berkshire® Collection, Oakridge® and TruDefinition® Duration® dimensional shingles add more visual interest to the roof by giving it a three-dimensional appearance.

If they’re really into color, the TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Colors Collection is the ideal shingle for them—offering dimensional tone and texture that work beautifully with a variety of color palettes.

Consider their performance needs.

Proper planning and knowing what they want can head off a lot of potential problems and delays—whether your customer needs a new roof or just some repairs. Let’s look at common considerations in new roof projects and significant roof repair.

Durability, expected life span, and resistance to wind and algae growth are all important considerations in the selection of their new shingles. Your climate—annual rainfall, relative humidity, typical wind conditions and storms, etc.—impacts the importance of these features.

Each Owens Corning™ shingle series and collection states its rating for wind resistance and algae resistance. Owens Corning™ shingle warranties* have a 25 year term to limited lifetime terms (for as long as they own their home).

  • * See actual warranty for details, limitations and requirements.