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Owens Corning Insulation & Lowe's provide tools to save you money and make shopping for insulation easier with recommended insulation quantities.

Insulation Project Calculator

Insulation Project Calculator

Find out how much insulation you will need for insulation projects around your home.

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Shop the Aisle By Project

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  • Blown-In Insulation

    • Composed of loose fibers
    • Intended to be blown in by machine
  • Rolls

    • Easy to transport
    • Must be cut to length
  • Batts

    • Pre-cut for fast installation
    • Preferred for new installation
  • Faced

    • Kraft paper vapor retarder attached
    • Use as first layer/new construction
  • Unfaced

    • No vapor retarder
    • Use when adding to existing insulation

Easy Project Videos

Upgrading your insulation can be quick and easy with help from Owens Corning and Lowe's. Get started with your insulation project by checking out our Easy Project Videos.

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