More than 90%1 of U.S. Homes are under-insulated!2

Keep Warm This Winter With Owens Corning & Lowe’s

Did you know that 90%1 of homes in the U.S. are under-insulated2? Keep warm this winter with proper attic insulation. Proper attic insulation allows you to decrease the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling in your home. How? In a well-insulated home, there is less heat loss in the winter and less heat gain in the summer. It’s an easy way to help save money while having comfort throughout the year.

To determine if you need more insulation, take a look across the span of your attic. Can you spot the floor joists easily? If your current insulation is level with or below them, it’s time to add more. The AttiCat Blown-in Insulation System is a quick, easy and affordable way to insulate your attic in an afternoon.* With Owens Corning and Lowe’s, your home is always well-insulated.

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Updating your attic insulation is an easy, do-it-yourself project. Get started using quality Owens Corning Insulation products.

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